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How the State Fair Can Inspire Your Strategic Partnerships

The Minnesota State Fair is the largest State Fair by average daily attendance in the country. Most other states don’t even come close to our success – so what sets us apart? One key factor lies with the fair’s many ties to outside groups and businesses. In fact, when...

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5 Simple Self-Care Practices for your Busy Schedule

We get it, there’s hardly any spare time in your schedule. Between all the daily tasks, meetings, and unexpected complications that come with running a small business, your calendar is packed. You might not have time to spend time with friends let alone make it to the...

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Spark Your Business Boom

According to Webster’s Dictionary, you likely don’t use the word SPARK much in your everyday language, except perhaps around the fourth of July. In fact, this word’s popularity ranks among the bottom 50% of words. So why does it matter that such a dynamic word is so...

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Bringing Value to the Twin Cities Women’s Expo Stage

As we change, so does the world. As we empower each other, we ourselves are enriched and enlightened. The Women’s Expo provides the opportunity for women from all walks of life to meet, be entertained, learn something new, engage in community and be inspired to reach...

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 Twin Cities Women’s Expo Under New Leadership 

https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/twin-cities-womens-expo-under-new-leadership-300591461.html March 24, 2018 event will be the first under the leadership of Buffie Blesi  NEWS PROVIDED BY Twin Cities Women's Expo Jan 31, 2018, 15:52 ET Minneapolis, MN,...

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4 Ways To Improve Accounts Payable

It's easy for small businesses to focus on core activities and overlook the importance of accounts payable. While your method of managing accounts payable won’t in itself distinguish you from competitors, it is well worth it to identify and implement ways to optimize...

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How to Stay Educated: Tips for Small Business Owners

It’s true; learning is rarely fun or easy. Though for small business owners, it’s absolutely essential to stay sharp on subjects such as financial fundamentals, regulations, and new technology. Even though an owner’s level of knowledge has a direct effect on the...

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3 Biggest Reasons to Outsource your Payroll Now

"I didn’t sign up for this!” is an expression we see frequently from entrepreneurs with rapidly growing businesses. It can be frustrating and challenging for small business owners to keep up with the increasing responsibility of non-core business duties such as...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Head Above Cash Flow

Good afternoon captains of small business; we would like to direct your attention to the ensuing content of this post, as we demonstrate the proper safety procedures in the event that cash flow overcomes your business boat.   When you are faced with an out of control...

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How To Stay Active Even If You’re Always Busy

Last week for the WSG 90 Day Boost Your Business and Your Health Challenge, we compiled a list of healthy on-the-go recipes. This week, we’re bringing you some tips for getting exercise on-the-go. Exercise helps stimulate thoughts, ideas, and even helps you sleep...

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Healthy On-The-Go Snacks, Perfect For Any Busy Boss

  As a business owner, you’re constantly pulled in a multitude of directions. You spend the day running from meeting to meeting, filling in for absent employees, and navigating around unexpected obstacles. The rush might leave you without a lot of time left to think...

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How Business Owners Can Learn From The State Fair

How do you think the Minnesota State Fair became the largest State Fair (by average daily attendance) in the United States? To celebrate the opening week of the fair, we’re serving up some hot State Fair business strategy –on a stick. So before you run off to enjoy a...

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Top 3 Things That Cost Small Business Owners Sleep

From coffee shop owners to photographers, we see a variety of small business owners come through the We Spark Growth doors with a familiar set of concerns. We are quick to help any client resolve these issues because we know how serious the consequences can be for...

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5 Unexpected Things That Made Us Smile This Week

Pause and take a deep breath.   It’s nice to get your mind off the clock every once in a while, even if only for a split second. The hectic life of a small business owner can keep your thoughts constantly racing ahead. I find it helpful to give myself a break from the...

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Challenge Your Founder’s Fatigue

You’ve got Founder’s Fatigue, we’ve got the prescription! The road to recovery begins with our 90 Day Boost Your Business and Your Health Challenge. This challenge is meant to guide you through a series of meaningful steps that help you make dramatic progress towards...

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Taking the Lead: Financials of a Business

We are pleased to announce that on August 10th, our CEO & Founder, Buffie Blesi, will be one of four women panelists to participate in a discussion on the Financials of a Business. This FREE empowering panel is organized by the James J. Hill Center in partner with...

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The Diagnosis is in: You have Founder’s Fatigue

I’m afraid the prognosis is quite serious. Without treatment, you should expect to experience sluggish profits, strained payroll, irregular cash flow, sleep loss, and eventually the worst of all –business death. 9 out of 10 businesses never make it to their 10th year...

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5 Ways to Rule Your Cash Flow

As a business owner and keeper of your kingdom, one of the toughest and most persistent adversaries you encounter is Cash Flow. The quickest lesson you learn as you manage your finances is that you either have enough to fortify your control or you don’t. Soon you may...

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Don’t Skimp: Education and Training Matters

Want to know a dirty little secret?  Most small business owners have absolutely no knowledge of or training on business fundamentals.  Concepts such as ROI, budgeting, sales, legal issues, KPIs, opportunity costs, finance, accounting, marketing, human resources,...

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Reignite Your Passion

Over the course of running a business, many owners begin to lose their passion. Complacency settles in, sometimes resulting in closing down shop. If you ask successful business owners their secret recipe, many will tell you that you need to do something you love and...

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Just Shut Up and Drive!

You started a business to live your passion, it was successful beyond your wildest dreams and all of a sudden you were faced with problems in finance, human resources and operations. It took some time, but you (with back office help) were able to get everything back...

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It’s Not Too Late!

Did you fall victim to the myth of the summertime slump, expecting business to slowdown but finding that it’s speeding up and intruding on your summer vacation plans? If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner in the Twin Cities, it’s not too late to take a...

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3 Questions

OK.  You’ve spent that last three years building a great small business in the Twin Cities and now your rewards are beginning to show up. Why would you want to change the way you manage your business? Don’t assume that what’s worked well in the past is going to take...

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From a Little Spark

From a little spark burst a flame, the beginning - Dante Alighieri Do you ever think about the word SPARK and use it in your language or writing?  Likely not. According to Merriam Webster, this word ranks in the bottom 50% of word use.  How can this be for such a...

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Love Your FOES!

You have FOES that you’re dealing with every day. You started a company because you knew you were great at doing something and you loved doing it. You gained customers and, all of a sudden, you notice that you are having to deal with a lot of things that get in the...

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It’s Lucky Penny Day!

Perhaps a Lucky Penny will be lucky for you today.  Taken at face value, a penny doesn't buy you much, if anything. It used to. During your parents and grandparent’s days, a penny bought a lot of things. Most notably, "Penny Candy" got its name because a piece of...

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